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Weight Reduction Treatment

OBESITY / OVERWEIGHT is one of the major problems in todays time, may be due to internal issues ( Harmonal imbalance) or impure food habits or imbalanced TRIDOSHA. Over weight can lead to many adverse health issues like hypertension, infertility, knees / joint pain, lack of confidence, inferiority complex etc or simply does not make one to enjoy life unhindered.

We here in Ayurveda Nirvana take a very comprehensive & holistic approach towards obesity or overweight and provide not only immediate solution but also provided consultation regarding future lifestyle maintaince so that one can take care of oneself in future too!!!


S. No. Course Name No. Course Days / Hrs Things to Learn In Course Course Certification Remarks
1. Abhiyanga – Adult (Ayurvedic Massage) also called Sneha ( oil and love) Abhiyanga is a form of Ayurveda warm herbal oil massage for detoxic and rejuvenation.

Can give feeling of stability, warmth and relaxation. Norishes the entire body-decreases the effect of aging. Imparts muscle tone and vigor to tissue to the body. Imparts a firmness to the limbs. Lubricates the joints.

Increases circulation Stimulates the internal organs of the body. Assists in the elimination of impurities of the body Moves the lymph, aiding in detoxification. Increases the stamina. Calms the nerves. Benefit sleep-deeper & longer. Enchances vision.

Makes hair ( scalp) grow luxuriant, thick, soft & glossy. Softens & smoothens skin, wrinkles are reduced and disappear. Pacifies vata & Pitta Stimulates kapha & good for all ages
6 Days / 3 Hrs Theory – Practical One hr theory daily and two hrs practical daily What is Abhyanga, Oil types used as per season Oil types used as per person (Vata, Pitta, Kapha)

Head Massage steps and timing Face Massage steps and timing Legs and Foot massage steps and timing Hands massage steps and timing Back, Neck and Front massage steps and timings Details of Svedan ( Steam) per per season and Body

Written Notes to be provided. Post Abhiyanga follow up and Help. Head Oil, Face Oil & Body Oil for two times self practise will be provided.
Yes Once a person completes his course and gets certification, can successfully practice as therapist


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