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Want to BECOME A YOGI /MONK, well Almost !!!– This program is with advanced mindfulness meditation & yoga practice, which is meant only for the real yoga practitioner who want to explore, awaken and expand their outer layer (physical body) and inner layer (subtle body) awareness and energy. Minimum 6 hours of MINDFULNESS MEDITATION practice is a must for this program and observe silence for minimum 10-12 hrs. This program demands a high level of self discipline, stay and follow yogic lifestyle - no luxury set up or experience are entertained in this yoga retreats in Rishikesh.

Individual should be sound physically and mentally - healthy body mind is a must for this program. This is a very rare opportunity you will get to know about your energy vibration and fathoming deep to know the mind and its activiyies impersonally... You will be trained by a well experienced Himalayan yogis.

Mind can be good servant or a bad master – but it all rest on us – as to how we train our mind and replace our unwholesum habit patterns with wholesum ones, this being the one small part to begin with……….

Mindfullness or being aware!!! Being in Present !!! Of oneself, being aware of the minds activity impersonally. If we are impersonal with the minds activity then we can really be full of mindfulness. The place has to be really far from the maddening crowd, noise and clutter, and we found the higher reaches of Himalayas are the best, where one can feel the serenity, harmony, and Tranquility settling in oneself not only during the retreat time but also thereafter, it all depends upon the effort we put in ourself.

Mindfullness helps in fathoming deep inside our mind and see with our own experience what makes the mind act, the way it acts. The teachings have been taken from the centuries old manuscripts, the basics which are the basis of making one’s life more meaningfull, contended and happy for oneself and for others also.

Mindfullness of body, Mindfullness of Feelings, Mindfullness of Mind, Mindfullness of Dhammar The Retreat is in remote location, where austerity is to be observed, embracing a yogic way of life, which is about rising with the sun, and settling inward with as dusk prevails. Leave here feeling a deep sense of unity between your mind, body and soul. This is a 3 / 6 day silence package, for you to dive within, experience true harmony and reconnect with Self.


  • Helps in improving attention,
  • Helps in overcoming emotional blockages, sleep disorders,
  • Helps in interpersonal relationship-with family and society, memory,
  • Reduction in anxiety, fatigue & restlessness.


    S. No. Time Activity Remarks
    1. 4.30 Wake up call One can get up early also
    2. 5.00 - 6.15 Mindfullness Meditation
    3. 6.15-6.30 Mindfullness Meditation
    4. 6.30-7.45 Yoga asana & Pranayama & mind fullness meditation / walking meditation
    5. 7.45-8.30 Breakfast Light Vedic Break fast, One Main dish, nuts, fruits, cornflakes, milk, ayurvedic herbal /green tea, whole / multi grain bread, jam, wheat porridge / oats, honey, cinnamum, turmeric powder.
    6. 8.30-10.00 Free time
    7. 10.00-13.00 Mindfull ness meditation / walking meditation* * Day 4th cave visit and meditation in cave.
    * Day 4th and day 7th cave visit and meditation in cave
    8. 13.00-15.00 Lunch and Free time Multigrain / wheat ( Gluten free is also available) Flat Indian Bread, Brown / White rice, Dal ( Lentril), One green vegetable, Green salad, (No onion or Garlic / satvic diet)
    9. 15.00-17.00 Mindfulness meditation / walking meditation / personal discussion Personal Progress Disscussion
    10. 17.00-18.00 Evening tea Ayurvedic Herbal / Green Tea
    11. 18.00-19.00 Mindfullness Meditation
    12. 19.00-19.30 Question and Answer session
    13. 19.45-21.15 Video view
    14. 21.30 Lights Off

    Departure To Retreat
    WAY ONE: Depart from Rishikesh in Evening after dinner to Hardiwar, night by AC sleeper in train arrive at 7.00a.m at KTG after breakfast taxi depart to retreat place, latest by 9.00 a.m takes minimum 5 hrs of drive, then lunch and 3 K.M trek to retreat place latest by 15.00 hrs.

    Departure From Retreat
    WAY ONE: depart after breakfast latest by 8.00 am trek 3 K.M to taxi point reach latest by 10.30 reach lake tour point by 13.30 hours have lunch have lake tour of Nainital, leave late evening for night stay at KTG, next day early morning train at 5.00 am reach haridwar at 11.30 am and rishikesh latest by 13.00 for lunch.

    WAY TWO: depart after breakfast latest by 8.00 am trek 3 K.M to taxi point reach latest by 10.30 reach lake tour point by 13.30 hours have lunch have lake tour of Nainital,

    LIMITED SEATS : No. of Participants Maximum six: single occupany / double occupancy. Accomodation: Single and double occupancy Day Zero – 18.00 Hrs -19.00 Hrs – Orientation Day Seven / Ninth –after breakfast time to leave. This is silent retreat-participants requested to maintain noble silence, except question and answer session and personal discussion time.

    Food: Wood fired Breakfast and Lunch –Satvic with no garlic and union.

    Beverages: Butter Milk, Green / Ayurvedic ( Herbal Tea), Milk.

    The place of retreat approached thru trekking minimum 3 K.M inside dense forest.

    The place is of very historical more than 3000 yrs old, highly revered and secluded.

    The near by cave is one where one of the greatest sage of modern times have meditated and achieved self realization.

    The cave is around 1 K.M from Retreat centre approached by very tough downhill walking on narrow beaten path or a circular trekking path is taken wherein one treks 3 K.M to retreat place startup then 2 K.M of trek or by vehicle on rough and unpaved path and then again 1 K.M by trek.

    Use of Mobile restricted to emergency calls only.


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