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Ayurveda Clinic in Rishikesh- Ayurveda Nirvana

Ayurveda Nirvana is one of the Best Ayurvedic therapy Center in Rishikesh and Ayurvedic Clinic in Rishikesh, for complete health care based on principles of authentic Ayurveda. We provide Ayurvedic treatments to gain and maintain a disease free state through genuine Ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma Treatments. Our well experienced Ayurvedic doctor have successfully treated thousands of patients with various acute and chronic disorders. Ayurveda has its own contribution in the field of medicine. The whole world is looking towards Ayurveda for its unique holistic approach towards body, disease and hence life.

Our Services

Ayurvedic Therapy

The basic principle of Ayurveda is to prevent and treat illness by maintaining . Most A such as panchakarma and rasayana, are unlikely to Ayurveda Treatments are based on Tridosha Principle.

Pulse Diagnosis

Your heart rate tells only that you are alive. But your active pulse not only indicates that you are alive, it can tell much more than that. The textual meaning of pulse is ‘nadi’ or channel.

Marma Therapies

Marmas are vital energy points located at anatomical sites where muscles, veins, ligaments, tendons, bones or joints intersect. Marman points are vital because they are infused with prana.

Beauty Care Treatments

The Ayurvedic description of beauty is “subhanga karanam”—transforming all characteristics of body and mind to the highest auspicious level.

Diet Consultation

The foundation for health is created through the choices we make every day. What we eat, and more importantly, the quality of what we eat is necessary to creating a solid backbone for health and wellness. Ayurveda is a daily adventure that provides a lifetime of health and happiness.


Panchkarma means five karmas (procedures) for treatment of root cause of disease and creating a balance of Tridoshas in the body. It is also recommended as a seasonal treatment for toning the mind and body.

Yoga Retreats

BY combining the best of proven time tested ancient tradition of Yoga and Ayurveda one finds not only body relaxing by Ayurveda but also soul relaxing and in harmony with self and nature through Yoga. Appeal to everyone, encourage you to be more creative and bring more positive in your life.

Ayurveda Cooking

Ayurveda says that food plays an essential part in one’s health and sense of well-being. To preserve health, What you eat forms one of the basic requirements. Join and learn The Basic Ayurveda cooking classes to take control of your health better.


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