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Dr Usha's Ayurveda Nirvana Clinic - Rishikesh

Dr Usha's Ayurveda Nirvana Clinic is a health care center (with specialization in Panchkarma), situated in the holy city Rishikesh that provide Ayurvedic Cure and therapies for people suffering from Physical as well as mental discomfort, Chronic body pain, depression, muscular tension and numerous other ailments. Ayurveda Philosophy subdivides people into three categories. Those who are healthy, Those who are sick, Those who are not aware they are sick. The third category of people are those who carry within them enough harmful organisms but no enough damage has been done by them so as to call for treatment and outside help. Ayurveda believes in finding out the evil elements before any severe damage is done, or if possible prevent the ailments altogether.

The Ayurveda Nirvana was started in the year 2006 and has grown many fold under able and knowledgeable guidance of Dr Usha Vaishnava. We aim to achieve our mission of bringing Peace, Health and Happiness to everybody through the medium of Ayurveda and Panchkarma. Ayurveda Nirvana bring you the very best in ayurveda treatments including Panchkarma Treatments, Weight loss, Anti Ageing, Detoxification, Rejuvenation Therapies etc. The treatments meted out at our Ayurveda Nirvana conform to the basics mentioned in ancient ayurveda texts.

Before starting any treatment we give a detailed consultation (empty stomach or at least 3 hours of eating) with pulse diagnosis which takes almost an hour & specific to person to person about their body type, food & life style. Ayurveda Nirvana assures you an efficient, friendly and highly personalized service, along with a cordial and friendly staff, make the guests feel at home and at ease. We also have, customized packages to suit the needs and pocket of our esteemed guests.

Ayurveda Nirvana is very tastefully furnished, superbly maintained, with separate kitchen and bathroom for privacy. The ever increasing numbers of patients who opt at our Ayurveda Nirvana treatments is a tribute to the high quality of services that Ayurveda Nirvana Offers. We are very easily approachable on main Rishikesh Badrinath Road, at Tapovan (near auto rickshaw stand left side), just a stone throw distance, where human and nature mingles together for mutual sustainable living. We have also tied up with hotels, Yoga centers, Astrologers, Ayurvedic Food , adventure tour and with transport people, to cater to discerning tastes of our guests. At Ayurveda Nirvana just merges with tranquility of nature and be with nature.

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Dr. Usha Vaishnava

Usha Vashnav Founder

Dr.Usha Vaishnava is a Founder and Chief Consultant in Ayurveda Nirvana